1604, 2019

Analyze network connections with Azure Monitor for VMs

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Azure Monitor for virtual machines is designed to collect network connection data to be able to analyze VM network traffic. It provides analytics on the number of connections, both live and failed, VM connection dependencies and the number of bytes sent and received. Azure Monitor allows detecting malicious connections down to the process level and […]

3110, 2017

Benefits of End-to-End Monitoring Solutions for Apps and Infrastructure

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Analytics and monitoring capabilities of Azure are increased with an end-to-end solution and it has also optimized certain other factors like log analytics, application performance, metrics exploration, and failure investigation. The Azure monitor helps you to check and analyze the performance of cloud resources. Whether you want to check the applications or individual lines, Azure […]

3010, 2017

New Services and Capabilities of Azure Monitor for Metrics

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Azure Monitor is the built-in platform to access and check the native resource metrics and check the performance of their workloads in Azure. The new features are added up to Azure Monitor for metrics which let you visualize your metrics, unlock the deeper insights and monitor Azure resources. More metrics are used for more Azure […]

2910, 2017

What are the Features of the Public Preview of Azure Storage Metrics in Azure Monitor?

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Azure Monitor users can use Azure Storage Metrics from now on. The service is available in limited regions of United States including, West US, Central US, East US, West US 2, and North Central US. The compass of service will be extended to the other areas soon. Basically, Azure Monitor is a single source of […]