Azure Windows Virtual Machines Management

Azure Virtual Machines is an infrastructure-as-a-service cloud platform that allows users to deploy self-managed Windows and Linux virtual machines onto Microsoft Azure.

CloudMonix provides both ARM and Classic support, monitors and visualizes state of Windows Azure Virtual Machines by collecting a wide range of performance metrics regarding the VM and applications running in it. CloudMonix helps to save on Azure costs by automatically shutting down VMs when they’re not needed. Additionally, users can easily automate recovery procedures, like restarting failed windows services.

Setting up Azure Windows VMs in CloudMonix takes just a couple of minutes, since the most important metrics, alerts and automation are preconfigured in default templates.

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Popular Ways to Utilize CloudMonix

Performance Insights

Track a wide range of performance metrics, like CPU and memory usage, free disk space, requests/sec, or any other performance counters. Get alerted whenever metric values get out of the expected range, allowing for resolution of issues before failures occur.

Application Monitoring

Track the statuses of applications running in your VMs. Monitor health of windows services, processes and scheduled tasks. Check event logs for specific entries. Get notified when new windows updates are available, and much more.

Scheduled Shutdowns

Optimize the usage of your VMs and save on Azure costs. Automatically shut-down and restart infrequently used VMs according to a schedule. Resize VMs based on custom criteria.

Crash Recovery

Ensure that your VM and all applications running in it are up at all times. Automatically restart failed local windows services or processes, clean up temporary files when disk space is running low, and execute custom healing Powershell scripts.

Virtual Machines Monitoring

CloudMonix collects a wide range of metrics for Azure Windows Virtual Machines. In addition to performance data tracking underlying infrastructure, users can track detailed information for various popular services (IIS, SQL, etc.), processes, and other applications running in the VMs. Rest assured that you’ll be alerted on any performance and availability issues before anybody even notices.

  • Monitor local processes, services, and scheduled tasks
  • Track and alert on any performance counters (CPU, Memory, Disk, etc.)
  • Record valuable information from event logs
  • Monitor Windows Updates

Virtual Machines Automation

CloudMonix provides a rich set of automation features that allow to automatically recover from failures. Users can also save on costs by automatically shutting down and restarting VMs according to a schedule, and automatically re-sizing based on custom criteria.

  • Restart failed local windows services
  • Shut down and start VMs according to a schedule
  • Automatically resize VM based on custom criteria
  • Clean up files when disk space is running low

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