1012, 2018

Azure API Management for serverless now in preview

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Azure API Management offers serverless API management with instant provisioning, automated scaling, built-in high availability, and pay-per-action pricing. It allows users to publish, secure, transform, maintain, and monitor APIs.

In a few clicks, Azure API Management creates a “front-end” which lets internal and external applications exchange data with custom back-end services running on Azure or hosted on-premises. API […]

2611, 2018

Azure IaaS Apps Disaster Recovery

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Recently Azure offered native Disaster Recovery for applications running on IaaS being the first public cloud to offer such a service. This service makes applications region-level resilient to failures via replicating VMs into other regions. Azure Availability Zones and Availability Sets add to Azure Site Recovery to complete resiliency for applications running on Azure VMs.


Advantages […]

2706, 2018

Features of the Default Compatibility Level 140 for Azure SQL Database

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Compatibility Level 140 has become a part of Azure default features and users can automatically get it once they create a database in Azure. The service is available in most regions and the number of databases running on Azure has reached up to 539, 903.

Compatibility Level 140  Features:

Exclusive Features: adaptive query processing is a major […]

2206, 2018

Accelerate your business with Azure IoT

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Operational efficiency is the core of every business as it forms the next generation of products and services.  It’s a remarkable revolution and is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Director of Azure IoT considers it to be the most important factor of the technology era and believes that people who aren’t using IoT […]

1106, 2018

Improved performance in Azure VPN Gateways

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Recently Microsoft introduced a new generation of VPN gateways that offer a 6-times better performance, reliability, and scalability at the same price. These features are highly beneficial for mission-critical workloads as well as for cross-premises and cross-region VPN performance. Re-engineered VPN gateway service is ultimately backed by an even stricter SLA.

Furthermore, in order to ensure […]

1303, 2018

Developer Features of Azure #CosmosDB Gremlin API

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Azure CosmosDB Gremlin API provides the complete solution of graph database as graphs are the best ways to model the real world data in naturally inter-connected manner. Every graph consisted of two parts, i.e. vertices and edges. To represent the discrete quantities like a person or an event, you can use vertices while edges are […]

1303, 2018

Benefits of Query Replica Scale-Out for Azure Analysis Services

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Clients always need an immediate response to their queries. Microsoft Azure fully comprehends the need of quick response time and has included the scale-out feature in Azure Analysis Services, Azure Portal, Analysis Services Rest API, and PowerShell. Scale-out feature distributes queries in different replicas and separates them in a pool which minimizes the processing time. […]

1202, 2018

Developing SaaS Applications with Multi-tenant Patterns

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A set of Saas applications contains different applications which use different database tendency models on SQL Database. These sets contain tutorials and management scripts which let you make your own SaaS app project without any assistance. They contain multiple SaaS-focused designs which help to accelerate application development on SQL database without facing any problem.
Major SQL […]

1202, 2018

How Does HPC Container Work with Azure Batch?

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Azure Batch allows its user to schedule the tasks as Docker Container as containers are known as the best way to schedule, package, and execute High-Performance Computing Applications (HPC). Containers and Azure Batch also let you use powerful cloud-native job batch the workload in a consistent manner.

If you are a Singularity container user, then you […]

1202, 2018

CosmosDB Table API: Optimal Solution for Storage Problem

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Azure Cosmos DB Table API is a remarkable solution of storage problems and it’s available as a production-ready solution by Microsoft. The API gives several benefits which were not found in Azure Table storage. 5 well-defined consistency models, dedicated worldwide throughput, single-digit millisecond latency, and turnkey global key distribution are the major advantages which users […]