Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Management

Azure Cloud Services are a highly available platform comprised of Web and Worker Roles that allow running scalable websites and background applications in Azure.

CloudMonix tracks and visualizes key performance indicators for Cloud Services, and sends automatic notifications whenever issues arise or individual instances are unavailable. Additionally, it provides highly sophisticated automation platform that allows to add or remove Cloud Role instances according to the demand or reboot existing instances on a daily schedule or after a crash.

Setting up Azure Cloud Services in CloudMonix takes just a couple of minutes, since the most important metrics, alerts and automation are preconfigured in default templates.

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Popular Ways to Utilize CloudMonix


Auto-scale instances based on any metrics, such as CPU, memory utilization, requests/sec, Service Bus/Storage queue depths, and many others. Set up schedules that adjust the number of instances to the typical load during the day or week.

Crash Recovery

Ensure that your whole system is up and running at all times. Gain peace of mind with automatic reboots of your role instances when memory is low.

Performance Monitoring

Track data by instance or aggregate across all roles. Monitor CPU, memory utilization, requests/sec, and many more standard or custom performance counters and metrics. Get alerts when these metrics exceed expected values.

Automatic Reboots

Ensure the optimum performance by preventing common issues caused by potential resource leaks. Sequentially reboot all instances in a Role once per day.

Cloud Services Monitoring

Cloudmonix provides a powerful set of monitoring features for Azure Cloud Services. CloudMonix tracks important information and presents it using meaningful dashboards, charts and reports.

  • Track key performance indicators
  • Alert on critical information from event logs
  • Track data by individual instance or aggregated by the Role

Cloud Services Automation

Automation features for Microsoft Azure Cloud Services allow you to easily set up pre-programmed activities that are executed according to a schedule or custom criteria. They are many ways to keep your system uptime and performance at optimal levels.

  • Auto-scale your cloud role instances according to demand
  • Automatically reboot failing (e.g. memory leaking) instances
  • Sequentially reboot all instances in a Role once per day

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