Netreo Acquires Microsoft Azure Monitoring Company CloudMonix To Expand Capabilities

CloudMonix’s Experience in Monitoring Microsoft Azure Strengthens Netreo’s Focus on Cloud Monitoring Capabilities
Huntington Beach, Calif. – June 2, 2020 – Netreo, the award-winning platform for IT infrastructure management and one of Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies, today announced its acquisition of CloudMonix, a Chicago-based cloud infrastructure monitoring company specializing in advanced insight into system performance, […]

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CloudMonix Acquisition FAQs

We are delighted to welcome CloudMonix to our community. Please refer to the FAQs below for answers to your questions regarding Netreo’s acquisition of Paraleap Technologies and the CloudMonix platform.
CloudMonix Customers
How will this acquisition impact my CloudMonix implementation?
There will be no impact on your CloudMonix implementation. 
Will there be any changes to my CloudMonix subscription?
No, there […]

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AWS monitoring in CloudMonix

Effective immediately, Paraleap team is introducing support for monitoring and self-healing of AWS resources into the CloudMonix cloud monitoring platform.

Enterprises, MSPs and IT organizations can now enjoy a single pane of glass view of their cloud infrastructure, whether it is AWS or Azure based.  Support of AWS infrastructure currently consists of monitoring resources such as

Prior […]

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Data Discovery and Classification for Azure SQL Data Warehouse public preview

Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a secure cloud data solution tuned for fast and flexible complex queries across enterprise workloads. While it has become a critical pain-point to address the issues of discovery, classification, and protection of client sensitive data Microsoft announced the public preview of Data Discovery & Classification for Azure SQL Data Warehouse. […]

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Analyze network connections with Azure Monitor for VMs

Azure Monitor for virtual machines is designed to collect network connection data to be able to analyze VM network traffic. It provides analytics on the number of connections, both live and failed, VM connection dependencies and the number of bytes sent and received. Azure Monitor allows detecting malicious connections down to the process level and […]

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Monitor service issues with Azure Service Health

This blog post covers how to use Microsoft’s built-in Azure Service Health personalized dashboards and external services to stay informed about and take action to mitigate Azure issues that could affect your applications.
How to monitor Azure service issues
You may already be familiar with the Azure Status Page which provides a global view of the health […]

How to scale read workloads in Azure MySQL

Read replicas are now generally available to all Azure Database for MySQL users. They are specially designed to make it easy to horizontally scale out beyond a single database server. This may be useful in applications that have more read operations than write ones such as BI reporting applications.

This feature enables continuous asynchronous replication of […]

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Azure Lab Services general availability

Azure Lab Services is a cloud solution that lets users set up preconfigured access to virtual machines and access all VMs across multiple labs from a single place.

Customers use the service to conduct classes, hands-on labs, conferences, sales demos, early trials, and events and scale up to hundreds of virtual machines for their attendees.
Top reasons […]

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Azure Data Factory quick start using templates


It is a common practice for business organizations to utilize repeat business processes. It is important to be able to start quickly with repetitive workflows. For this reason, Microsoft Azure now provides support for templates in Azure Data Factory. Templated setups improve developer productivity along with reducing development time for repeat processes.

The new feature enables […]

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Azure Storage account failover in public preview

Microsoft Azure released the preview for storage accounts failover for customers with geo-redundant storage (GRS). There has always been a need to be able to determine when a storage account write access is required and the secondary replication state is understood. This functionality allows taking advantage of controlling when to failover from the primary region […]

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