1912, 2018

Automatic updates for Azure Site Recovery

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Staying up-to-date with the latest software releases is one of the biggest hassles for administrators of the cloud services. Downloading the latest software and performing frequent upgrades is even more cumbersome if downtime is involved in the process.

Azure Site Recovery provides a monthly release with the latest features and enhancements. This means one would need to […]

1608, 2018

Protection Of Machines With Managed Disks Using Azure Site Recovery

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Microsoft has recently announced the ability of Azure Site Recovery (ASR) to set up Disaster Recovery (DR) for IaaS VMs using managed disks. This feature allows ASR to become an all-encompassing disaster recovery solution for applications hosted on IaaS VMs, including those hosted on VMs with managed disks.

Managed disks allow for storage management simplification as well as […]

608, 2018

Azure Site Recovery’s Latest Onboarding Experience

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With the latest release of the Azure Site Recovery service for VMware to Azure, a new initiative has been brought that lets users initiating virtual machines replication in less than 30 minutes.
Open Virtualization Format
In the industry, the Open Virtualization Format (OVF) template serves as the standard software distribution model for the majority of the virtual […]

512, 2017

Integration of Azure Site Recovery With Azure Virtual Machine

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Microsoft Azure has made Azure Site Recover a built-in part of Azure Virtual Machine to help users replicate the setup in one click. The user can test disaster recovery scenarios and without wasting any time due to the integration of ASR’s one-click failover capabilities. One click facility is generally available and its use is very […]

3007, 2017

An Insight into the Azure Site Recovery

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You might have heard about the recovery tools but hardly would’ve come across any Microsoft based recovery tool. Microsoft has recently unveiled its disaster recovery service by the name or Azure Service Recovery which is capable enough to replicate your on-premises apps on Azure. This tool also makes sure that the application meets all the compliance […]