3110, 2016

CloudMonix New Features: Auto-scaling of SQL Azure and SQL Data Warehouse

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Over the weekend of October 28th, CloudMonix team released a number of important features for monitoring and automating of SQL Azure and SQL Data Warehouse databases. In addition, a few new integrations have been enabled.

– Azure SQL Databases are one of the most popular ways to store relational data in the Microsoft Azure […]

1211, 2015

The Ultimate list of Top SQL Monitoring Tools

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SQL Monitoring tools help monitor, optimize and automate day to day database administration and management operations.  They provide database administrators, designers and engineers with knowledge and power to optimize their database systems for optimal business performance in diverse, complex production environments.

Whether your needs are for on premises, cloud or hybrid database infrastructures,  SQL Monitoring Tools can […]

1407, 2015

How to copy SQL Azure database to local development server?

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SQL Azure Database provides all the essential database creation, querying, testing and optimization tools from the Azure Cloud Service Platform. However, there are times when you do need to work on database hosted on Azure from your local development server.

So how would you copy and transfer database from SQL Azure to your locally hosted SQL […]

704, 2015

Top SQL Azure metrics to monitor

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Ensuring that database tier is always available and performing optimally is one of the most important tasks for engineers running apps in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Performance slowdowns or outages in the database tier typically impact overall applications in most fundamental ways. In this blog entry, we’ll highlight the secret sauce behind some of the […]