1303, 2018

Benefits of Query Replica Scale-Out for Azure Analysis Services

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Clients always need an immediate response to their queries. Microsoft Azure fully comprehends the need of quick response time and has included the scale-out feature in Azure Analysis Services, Azure Portal, Analysis Services Rest API, and PowerShell. Scale-out feature distributes queries in different replicas and separates them in a pool which minimizes the processing time. […]

2211, 2017

Use DAX Query Viewer on Azure Analysis Service Model

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Data modeling and application modeling have significant importance in the developing and programmers always look for an easy yet effective way of modeling. Azure Analysis Services web designer is specially designed for the data modeling and it gives a browser-based experience to the users. It provides a useful platform for the users to create and […]

211, 2017

An Introduction of the Firewall Support in Azure Analysis Services

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Security is an essential demand of every enterprise and azure firewall support for Azure Analysis Service offers significant help in this regard. It allows the customers to lock down their servers to prevent the entrance of malicious entities and control the desired traffic from the desired sources. The Azure portal enables you to make firewall […]

1808, 2017

Benefits of Using Azure Analysis Services over Azure SQL DB and DW

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Microsoft Azure has introduced and given access to its customers to Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services which allows every business user to check business data. For the modern data driven organizations, it’s mandatory to provide access to business data to every stakeholder instead of limiting it to the IT professionals only. SQL Server Analysis Services […]