About Us

CloudMonix’s mission is to help IT professionals automate stability of their technical stack.
- Igor Papirov, Paraleap Technologies (CEO)

The Company

Founded in 2010 by Igor Papirov, Paraleap Technologies is a Chicago-based firm specializing in cloud-based monitoring and automation software.

CloudMonix was created in 2015 by Paraleap as a successor to the popular Microsoft Azure monitoring and scaling solution AzureWatch.

CloudMonix is a premier cloud systems monitoring and automation tool-set built for IT managers. With support for a variety of cloud-based platforms, a host of custom automation tools, and a modern intuitive interface, CloudMonix is a powerful solution for achieving cloud-system stability.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to empower and delight IT managers with sophisticated tools to meet individual cloud-based needs. The CloudMonix method can be best summed up as “simple to start, deep and detailed when you need it” offering control over how much or little complexity is utilized. Our approach is to start the user already ahead with popular integration defaults for common monitoring scenarios while presenting an unlimited potential for complex and custom scenarios.

The System

CloudMonix was architected with the deep understanding of needs of IT professionals, developers and system integrators. Our goal is to provide a tool-set that allows our users to visualize, monitor and automate their environments as a whole. We beleive that in 21st century, time has come for monitoring systems to not only alert administrators of potential issues but also automatically resolve majority of them.

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