1406, 2018

How To Enable A CDN Endpoint In Azure Websites

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Azure Content Delivery Network is a reliable and fast service for sending audio, images, and videos all over the world. The reliability of the service depends on the servers present around the globe that send content to the nearest node of the relevant user. This process ensures higher speed and better availability along with good user […]

2207, 2017

Website Acceleration with Azure CDN using Dynamic Site Acceleration

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Today’s user expects reliable, personalized and fast web experience whose robustness is totally independent of the browser’s limitations, location, network or device specifications. The quest of providing the users with rich web experience resulted in slower page downloads which in turn has put the quality of entire user experience at risk.

The Standard Content Delivery Network […]

1608, 2015

What is Azure Content Delivery Network (Azure CDN)?

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What is Azure Content Delivery Network ( Azure CDN)
Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) is CDN service provided by Azure Cloud Platform that enables in storing and accessing data on different content servers and locations – used by online or cloud services.  Azure CDN helps in providing better bandwidth and quick delivery of data by placing […]