What is Azure Content Delivery Network ( Azure CDN)

Azure Content Delivery Network (CDN) is CDN service provided by Azure Cloud Platform that enables in storing and accessing data on different content servers and locations – used by online or cloud services.  Azure CDN helps in providing better bandwidth and quick delivery of data by placing content delivery or storage servers near to users ( in different geographical locations)


How Azure CDN is used?

The CDN offers developers a global solution for delivering high-bandwidth content by caching the content on different locations. The caching capability by Azure helps in ;

  • Better performance and user experience for end users who are far from the destination content source or where there are many intermediary nodes in between to reach the content.
  • Ability to scale to handle instantaneous high load and demand
  • Caching content from publicly available Azure storage blobs
  • Caching web content, images, scripts and other website content from CDN
  • Enables in caching objects to the CDN that are provided by a Azure cloud service
  • Cache content based on specific query strings
  • Accessing cached content from a custom domain name by mapping the CDN HTTP Endpoint. ]


What to monitor in Azure CDN for performance?

Some of the key metrics & data to look for when evaluating CDN for performance includes;

  • Connect time – Ensure that CDN has best network connectivity with minimal latency and packet loss, even under peak usage
  • Wait time – The time it takes to deliver the content from the CDN to the requesting node – the less the better.
  • Throughput – Ensure that the overall throughput of the CDN is higher than the origin
  • Caching – Monitor overall Cache Hits and Misses