106, 2020

CloudMonix Acquisition FAQs

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We are delighted to welcome CloudMonix to our community. Please refer to the FAQs below for answers to your questions regarding Netreo’s acquisition of Paraleap Technologies and the CloudMonix platform.
CloudMonix Customers
How will this acquisition impact my CloudMonix implementation?
There will be no impact on your CloudMonix implementation. 
Will there be any changes to my CloudMonix subscription?
No, there […]

1507, 2019

AWS monitoring in CloudMonix

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Effective immediately, Paraleap team is introducing support for monitoring and self-healing of AWS resources into the CloudMonix cloud monitoring platform.

Enterprises, MSPs and IT organizations can now enjoy a single pane of glass view of their cloud infrastructure, whether it is AWS or Azure based.  Support of AWS infrastructure currently consists of monitoring resources such as

Prior […]

3004, 2019

Data Discovery and Classification for Azure SQL Data Warehouse public preview

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Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a secure cloud data solution tuned for fast and flexible complex queries across enterprise workloads. While it has become a critical pain-point to address the issues of discovery, classification, and protection of client sensitive data Microsoft announced the public preview of Data Discovery & Classification for Azure SQL Data Warehouse. […]

2103, 2019

Azure Lab Services general availability

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Azure Lab Services is a cloud solution that lets users set up preconfigured access to virtual machines and access all VMs across multiple labs from a single place.

Customers use the service to conduct classes, hands-on labs, conferences, sales demos, early trials, and events and scale up to hundreds of virtual machines for their attendees.
Top reasons […]

2102, 2019

PostgreSQL Read Replicas Preview

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This blog post is about the Read Replicas for Azure Database for PostgreSQL which Microsoft recently announced in a preview.

Azure Database for PostgreSQL now supports continuous, asynchronous data replication from the master Azure Database for PostgreSQL server to up to five Azure Database for PostgreSQL servers located in the same region. These read replicas allow […]

1312, 2018

New capabilities in IoT application development

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Nowadays, when IoT applications are massively moving from proof of concept to production, massive amounts of data are being collected and processes and environments are optimized with new solutions. New devices and sensors are becoming more and more sophisticated and designed to run at the AI edge.

With big investments in IoT at the beginning of the […]

1012, 2018

Integrating CloudMonix with Microsoft Teams

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As enterprises continue to adopt and deploy cloud-based and on-premises resources and services, IT managers must manage, track and optimize increasingly complex IT environments. CloudMonix provides a cloud and on-premises system and resource monitoring solution that enables IT managers to visualize and automate their technical stack’s stability for the most reliable service delivery and optimal cost […]

1308, 2018

The Public Preview of Azure Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS)

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The public preview of Azure Zone Redundant Storage (ZRS) has been announced. ZRS makes the development of highly available applications very simple by having three samples of data stored in 3 different Availability Zones that too with inserts and updates being performed to the stored data synchronously throughout these Availability Zones. This makes reading and […]

1308, 2018

GPU-Enabled Clusters On Azure Get An Accelerated Spark

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An exceptional convergence of big data is demonstrated by the ability to have Spark run on a GPU-enabled cluster. During the past decades, the explosion of the GPU market has been witnessed when companies decided to integrate workflows like AI and other HPC into their businesses. Tensorflow is a framework which serves the motive of […]

1008, 2018

Azure Cognitive Services: Custom Speech As An Innovative Machine Learning Approach For Speech Recognition

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The latest and newest crossing point driving ambiance is the Voice. The speech recognition has been really helpful in the last few years as it is becoming our daily life digital assistant. We use it daily writing emails and other necessary documents. Apart from this, it also helps in dictating the transcriptions of the lectures and […]