712, 2018

The Business Critical tier becomes the optimal choice for mission-critical SQL workloads

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Microsoft has recently announced the Business Critical service tier in Azure SQL Database Managed Instance in the general availability. Being a new deployment option in the SQL Database, Managed Instance streamlines SQL Server workloads migration from on-premises to the cloud. It also combines the native SQL server features and capabilities with the benefits of a fully managed database service.

The […]

1206, 2018

SQL Database in a hub-and-spoke architecture with SQL Data Warehouse

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Azure SQL Data Warehouse is an analytics platform known to be the backbone of an enterprise data warehouse. It allows for massively parallel processing while elastically and independently scaling compute and storage. Being a hub to a number of data marts and cubes SQL data warehouse integrates seamlessly with big data stores featuring tailored performance. […]

1409, 2017

Performance and Storage Upgrades in Azure SQL Database

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Up till the recent developments in Azure SQL, the maximum performance cornerstone for a single data repository located in the standard tier was marked to 100 DTUs. Now, the rate at which the latest updates have increased the performance markup is a whopping 30 times thus making it around 3000 DTUs. The latest S4-S12 performance […]