904, 2019

Monitor service issues with Azure Service Health

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This blog post covers how to use Microsoft’s built-in Azure Service Health personalized dashboards and external services to stay informed about and take action to mitigate Azure issues that could affect your applications.
How to monitor Azure service issues
You may already be familiar with the Azure Status Page which provides a global view of the health […]

2802, 2019

Query Store for Azure SQL Data Warehouse is generally available now

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Since the recent preview, Query Store raised great interest among users as an effective solution to provide insight on query performance. Microsoft announced the general availability of Query Store for Azure SQL Data Warehouse worldwide.

When monitoring a data warehouse, Query Store captures query history, separates the data by time slots and provides an overview of the database usage patterns.
Advantages of using […]

1506, 2018

Using MySQL Sys Schema To Optimize A Database

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MySQL sys schema is fully functional in Azure Database for MySQL 5.7 and it allows customers to troubleshoot performance issues due to the availability of performance and information schema. Previously, it was the part of MySQL5.5 and was responsible for managing vital resources such as stored programs, memory allocation, and metadata locking. The efficiency of […]

1908, 2017

Web App Migration from ClearDB to Azure

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Azure Database for MySQL grabbed the attention of developers and they had shown a remarkable interest in it. Better and efficient features of Azure Database for MySQL distinguish it from other databases and people want to know how to migrate a web app from ClearDB to Database Azure. Here, I will provide the right migration […]