Since the recent preview, Query Store raised great interest among users as an effective solution to provide insight on query performance. Microsoft announced the general availability of Query Store for Azure SQL Data Warehouse worldwide.

When monitoring a data warehouse, Query Store captures query history, separates the data by time slots and provides an overview of the database usage patterns.

Advantages of using the Query Store

1. Full-text query search:

The sys.query_store_query and sys.query_store_query_text catalog views provide the full query text executed against the data warehouse over the last 7 days.

Full text query

2. Top executing queries overview:

Using the Query Store catalog views, it is possible to get the top executing queries for further analysis:

Top executing queries

Pro Tip: Get deep and immediate insight into the stability of all of your Azure resources.

3. Query execution time overview:

Query Store collects the runtime query statistics that allows focusing on the queries with variance in execution which could be helpful during a high workload.

Query execution time


Query Store is now available in all regions for all generations of SQL Data Warehouse at no additional charges. Enabling Query Store is as easy as running the ALTER DATABASE <database name> SET QUERY_STORE = ON; command.

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