1008, 2018

Azure Cognitive Services: Custom Speech As An Innovative Machine Learning Approach For Speech Recognition

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The latest and newest crossing point driving ambiance is the Voice. The speech recognition has been really helpful in the last few years as it is becoming our daily life digital assistant. We use it daily writing emails¬†and other necessary documents. Apart from this, it also helps in dictating the transcriptions of the lectures and […]

308, 2018

Availability of SDKs for the latest Bing Search APIs

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The SDKs for the Cognitive Services in Bing Search APIs have been made available for the Azure developers to check out and use wherever necessary. Presently available as REST APIs, the Bing APIs v7 now have SDKs in four different languages, namely: Java, C#, Python, and Node.js.
What are the offerings in the new SDKs?


108, 2018

How Brand Detection Is Done In Microsoft Video Indexer

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Microsoft Video Indexer has introduced a new capability known as Brand Detection from visual and text as well as speech. 

If you want to get insights into the names of different products and organizations having brand detection in Video Indexer is the right solution. Typically, it allows you to search the large content of audio as […]

108, 2018

Bing Speech API text to speech support is now available in 34 languages

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Translator Speech API is generally a part of the Microsoft Cognitive Services API which provides speech translations for their applications. With the latest updates, the software has now introduced support for 34 different languages which make communication and interaction easier and a lot more convenient.

Voice is becoming ever more ubiquitous and predominant as an approach […]

2606, 2018

Features Of SDKs As Cognitive Services For Bing Search APIs

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The SDKs for Bing Search APIs offer many benefits to users and provide them with reliable web search results. They are available in different languages to ensure maximum scalability. C#, Python, Java, and Node.js. The offerings of Bing SDKs include Bing Spell Search, Bing Video Search, Bing Image Search, Bing Web Search, and Bing Custom […]