1303, 2018

Developer Features of Azure #CosmosDB Gremlin API

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Azure CosmosDB Gremlin API provides the complete solution of graph database as graphs are the best ways to model the real world data in naturally inter-connected manner. Every graph consisted of two parts, i.e. vertices and edges. To represent the discrete quantities like a person or an event, you can use vertices while edges are […]

512, 2017

An Insight Into Cosmos DB in Azure Storage Explorer

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Cosmos DB is added to Azure Storage Explorer (ASE) to make it more powerful programming tool. The database lets you explore more manage the user experience and manipulate data. You can manage Cosmos entities in a better and more protected way while the creation of the stored procedures has become effortless. Moreover, the triggering of […]

2009, 2017

What is the Bot Conversation History with Azure Cosmos DB?

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Bot Framework State is a service to track the context of a previous conversation with a specific user. ┬áBot Builder SDK users are well-aware of the importance of this feature as it helps you in data analysis and data auditing. Sentiment analysis and funnel analysis are the scenarios where you need Bot conversation and machine […]