3007, 2018

Azure serverless for your IoT

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Chances are those developing an IoT-based solution focus mainly on the devices and what is possible to accomplish with them. They might want to process data coming from a network of devices in real time, analyze the data to gain insights, get alerted for special conditions, manage the devices themselves, and so on. The less interesting part […]

2206, 2018

Accelerate your business with Azure IoT

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Operational efficiency is the core of every business as it forms the next generation of products and services.  It’s a remarkable revolution and is known as the Internet of Things (IoT). Director of Azure IoT considers it to be the most important factor of the technology era and believes that people who aren’t using IoT […]

1809, 2017

How Does IoT Hub Device Provisioning Service Automates Device Connection?

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Azure IoT device provisioning service lets the users supervise millions of devices in a secure manner with the help of Azure IoT Hub. The Device Provisioning Service automates a process that requires extensive time and resources to run while the managing of multiple devices simultaneously has become very effortless. It’s the only cloud-based service which […]

2607, 2017

Bing Map V8: Now in Azure IoT Remote Monitoring Solution

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Azure Internet of Things Suite has been developed to provide the customers, the privilege to manage and connect any of their smart devices in an effective, efficient and in a reliable manner. Previously, Bing Map V7 was made a part of the Azure IoT Suite which enabled the developers to identify the device locations along […]