Over the weekend of October 28th, CloudMonix team released a number of important features for monitoring and automating of SQL Azure and SQL Data Warehouse databases. In addition, a few new integrations have been enabled.

– Azure SQL Databases are one of the most popular ways to store relational data in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Effective immediately, CloudMonix will allow users to automatically scale TIER of their SQL Azure Databases based on real-time demand. Users can set min/max tier limits, specify how quickly scaling ramps up or ramps down, and base their auto-scaling rules on various performance metrics (ie: DTU, CPU, etc) or time-specific conditions (ie: predefined schedule)

SQL Azure auto-scaling

– Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a newer product in the Azure ecosystem that was designed to provide a highly performant and scalable data warehousing platform for big data analytics. Effective immediately, CloudMonix will allow users to monitor their Data Warehouse databases, track metrics from data management views, alert on various availability and performance issues, auto-scale TIERS according to demand (ie: DWU, CPU, etc.) or predefined schedules, and automatically PAUSE/RESUME operations their databases based on predefined schedules.

SQL Data Warehose Monitoring and Auto Scaling

– Teams interested in being able to create custom reports on monitoring data that CloudMonix tracks, can now setup a new monitoring integration, whereby CloudMonix will automatically push all of the performance and uptime metrics that it collects to SQL Azure or SQL Server databases of users choice. This important feature will allow users to create highly customized and sophisticated reports based on the variety of data that CloudMonix collects.

SQL Azure/Server Integrations