Azure Monitor users can use Azure Storage Metrics from now on. The service is available in limited regions of United States including, West US, Central US, East US, West US 2, and North Central US. The compass of service will be extended to the other areas soon. Basically, Azure Monitor is a single source of monitoring data for Azure resources. It allows you to visualize, archive, query, and route from the metrics and other logs associated with the Azure Monitor. Monitor portal blade is also there while you can useĀ Azure Monitor REST APIs to conform data by using various methods. The features of Azure Storage metrics are also extended and you can chart and query storage metrics with other metrics in the same consolidated view.

Apart from the Azure monitor, capacity metrics have become the part of other storage services which includes File Storage, Queue, Table, and object count and services. The multi-dimensional capacity of Azure Monitor lets you transaction metric definition. The features are available for both standard storage accounts and Blob storage accounts while following are the features offered by Azure Storage Metrics:

  1. Monitor portal blade allows the monitoring of capacity and transaction.
  2. Azure Monitor Rest APIs lets you access metrics definition and metric data.
  3. Azure Monitor Diagnostic Setting Rest APIs helps you to check archive metric data to storage accounts.