What is Azure Storage Monitoring?

Azure Storage Monitoring is referred to the process of managing and monitoring the performance, operations and availability of Azure Storage. It is a broad process that helps Azure Storage Administrators in controlling and managing their entire Azure Storage resources.


How is Azure Storage Monitoring used?

Azure Storage Monitoring is primarily used by storage administrators to monitor, manage and ensure performance and availability of Azure hosted storage resources. These resources include Azure Blob Storage, Queue Storage,  Table Storage and File Storage. The monitoring of such resources provides storage administrators with control and visibility over resource availability, resource state, throttling, utilization, analytics, errors and other key performance metrics. 


How can CloudMonix helps in Azure Storage Monitoring?

CloudMonix provides a powerful set of monitoring features for Microsoft Azure Storage. CloudMonix keeps tabs on the most important information and present it in easy to understand and navigate dashboards, charts and reports – taking the fuss out of storage monitoring. CloudMonix helps Azure Storage Administrators by;

  • Visualizing storage analytics across all key storage components.
  • Track and scale storage resources based on queue-specific metrics
  • Generate alerts and notifications when storage is down or slow