Azure Stream Analytics is an important component of the Azure ecosystem that helps process large volumes of high velocity data.  As an example, many companies frequently use ASA to transform IOT generated data.  Until now, ensuring that Stream Analytics jobs run without errors has been a difficult task that required custom tooling.

Effective immediately, CloudMonix now supports monitoring of Azure Stream Analytics, alerting when jobs fail or errors occur, allowing for troubleshooting of issues with ASA job Inputs and Outputs, and assisting root cause analysis with access to Azure operation logs – all in one dashboard.  Complimentary Azure resources, such as Event Hubs, Service Bus, SQL Azure databases and Azure Table Storage can already be monitored with CloudMonix.

Setup of monitoring is simple and intuitive.  Running the Setup Wizard in CloudMonix usually takes 3-5 minutes and no subsequent customization of alert rules is really necessary.  By default, CloudMonix will notify of failed jobs and function requests, conversion and runtime errors, and high utilization.  However, customization of monitored parameters and alerts is fully supported should you require it.

Azure Stream Analytics 1

All features of CloudMonix are available during a 2 week trial.  Users are invited to sign up for CloudMonix trial here.