1407, 2018

What are Web and Worker Roles in Microsoft Azure?

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Before delving into the difference between a Web Role and a Worker Role in Azure Cloud Services, let’s first review what are Azure Cloud Services and Cloud Service Roles.
Table of Contents

What are Azure Cloud Services?
What is an Azure Cloud Service Role?
What is a Web Role?
What is a Worker Role?
Differences […]

1307, 2018

How To Speed Up A WordPress Site On Microsoft Azure

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There are two things that discourage users the most and increase the bounce rate: website speed and content. Most search engines evaluate site loading speed when ranking websites and decrease the visibility of slower websites. The two key elements that affect the latency of websites running on Azure App Service are:

use of remote storage […]

907, 2018

Big data and data warehouse on Azure

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The modern data warehouse is a combination of relational and non-relational data as well as structured and unstructured data created or stored by Azure services such as Azure Blob Storage and Data Factory. They act as a primary source of data while relational data supports business rules, governance, and security models. These functions are layered […]

907, 2018

Secure your backups and data with Azure Backup

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Data is an important aspect of this era that significantly impacts businesses.  Locky, WannaCry, and  Petya were the serious ransomware attacks which encouraged users to take special measures to retain data security. The increased innovation in ransomware technology has removed the access boundaries for hackers to access data. To ensure the safety of backup data, Azure […]

1506, 2018

Using MySQL Sys Schema To Optimize A Database

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MySQL sys schema is fully functional in Azure Database for MySQL 5.7 and it allows customers to troubleshoot performance issues due to the availability of performance and information schema. Previously, it was the part of MySQL5.5 and was responsible for managing vital resources such as stored programs, memory allocation, and metadata locking. The efficiency of […]

1206, 2018

SQL Database in a hub-and-spoke architecture with SQL Data Warehouse

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Azure SQL Data Warehouse is an analytics platform known to be the backbone of an enterprise data warehouse. It allows for massively parallel processing while elastically and independently scaling compute and storage. Being a hub to a number of data marts and cubes SQL data warehouse integrates seamlessly with big data stores featuring tailored performance. […]

1106, 2018

Improved performance in Azure VPN Gateways

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Recently Microsoft introduced a new generation of VPN gateways that offer a 6-times better performance, reliability, and scalability at the same price. These features are highly beneficial for mission-critical workloads as well as for cross-premises and cross-region VPN performance. Re-engineered VPN gateway service is ultimately backed by an even stricter SLA.

Furthermore, in order to ensure […]

706, 2018

Enhance security of Azure Storage

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Azure Storage account users can now benefit from “Secure Transfer Required” option which enhances the security of their accounts by only allowing requests to the account from secure connections. For example, when using REST APIs to access your storage account all non-HTTPS connections will be rejected.

“Secure transfer required” option is disabled by default. It also […]

106, 2018

Azure Migrate – Azure Migration Assistant

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Azure Migrate is a new service which helps users to get better insights and guidance to assist in migrating to Azure. Until now the service has been in a limited preview that draw positive feedback and Microsoft recently made it broadly available and there is no need to request access anymore.

The prominent features of Azure […]

1605, 2018

Connect Amazon VPC to Azure using dedicated VPN connection

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In this post, we will see how an AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) connects to Azure infrastructure using the dedicated VPN connection. For a guide on how to connect Azure using VPN Gateway to AWS VPC see this post.
Table of Contents:

Insight into the environment
Azure connection setup
AWS connection setup
Testing the […]