Integrate Zendesk with CloudMonix

Service desk software helps companies keep track of their support tickets, customer communication, and more. Often, IT departments use service desk software to help track alerts and production outages that require support intervention.

CloudMonix provides teams utilizing Zendesk with ability to track their cloud alerts as Zendesk tickets.  When CloudMonix detects an alert, it will automatically create a support ticket in Zendesk.  If CloudMonix detects that alert condition that is no longer active, it will auto-resolve that ticket.

Integrating CloudMonix with Zendesk takes just a couple of minutes.

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Zendesk Integration Features

Publish Notifications

CloudMonix can immediately publish any alert as a ticket to Zendesk. When alert is no longer active, ticket is resolved.

Tight Integration

CloudMonix administrators can stay in full control over Zendesk-CloudMonix integration. Ability to publish alerts only from particular sources, or only with particular severities to Zendesk is fully supported.

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