Integrate Nagios XI with CloudMonix

Organizations often rely on a number of different applications to monitor and manage their systems. Sharing information across various monitoring tools can drastically increase efficiency and reliability of the overall monitoring solution.

Nagios XI is a powerful enterprise-level solution for real-time monitoring of a large number of applications and network devices.

CloudMonix integrates with Nagios XI by pushing collected information in every monitoring cycle. Data about resource statuses and other metrics can then be visualized and analyzed using built-in Nagios XI features.

Integrating CloudMonix with Nagios XI takes just a couple of minutes.

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Nagios XI Integration Features

Publish Metrics

CloudMonix can send to Nagios XI information about hosts statuses, response times, performance counters such as CPU and memory usage, and many more metrics.

Tight Integration

CloudMonix administrators have full control over integrations. CloudMonix can send to Nagios XI data about all, or only selected resources.

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