Azure Traffic Manager Management

Microsoft Azure Traffic Manager allows you to control the distribution of user traffic for service endpoints in different datacenters. Service endpoints supported by Traffic Manager include Azure VMs, Web Apps, and cloud services.

CloudMonix ensures high availability for your applications by monitoring your endpoints and providing alerts and automatic actions based on the predefined criteria.

Setting up Azure Traffic Manager in CloudMonix takes just a couple of minutes, since the most important metrics and alerts are preconfigured in default templates.

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Popular Ways to Utilize CloudMonix

Availability Monitoring

Track general endpoints status information and get alerts whenever CloudMonix detects resource outages or disabled endpoints.

Performance Insights

Track endpoints usage details using Azure multi dimension monitor API.

Azure Traffic Manager Monitoring

CloudMonix tracks detailed information on Azure Traffic Manager endpoints to ensure optimal application performance and reliability.

  • Monitor endpoints status, state and usage statistics as well as total requests
  • Get notified when any endpoint “Disabled” status is detected
  • Get alerted when resource outage is detected

Azure Traffic Manager Automation

– Automatically kick off actions based on custom criteria
– Trigger actions according to schedule

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