Azure SQL Elastic Pool Management

SQL Elastic Pools
Azure SQL Elastic Pool is a solution for managing and scaling multiple SQL databases that have varying resource demands. It ensures on-demand resource allocation for Azure SQL databases.

CloudMonix enhances native SQL Elastic Pools monitoring by tracking key performance indicators retrieved from the Azure Management API (DB utilization, active loads, connections, sessions, storage, various performance statistics, recommended actions), alerting on resource outages, excessive resource usage, failed activities, and optimizing SQL Elastic Pools by automating predefined tasks and auto-scaling them based on load or schedule.

Setting up Azure SQL Elastic Pool in CloudMonix takes just a couple of minutes, since the most important metrics, alerts and automation tasks are preconfigured in default templates.

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Popular Ways to Utilize CloudMonix

Proactive Monitoring

Be the first to know about any slow-downs or outages in your system. See the overall status of your Azure SQL Elastic Pool at a glance, or dive deep into details of an individual activity.


Auto-scale Azure SQL Elastic Pool based on any performance indicators (such as DTU, connections, size, workers, etc.) or even signals retrieved via custom SQL queries.

Performance Insights

Track and visualize databases, resource statuses, DTU, storage, workers, and ensure consistency across environments with recommended actions.

Alerts On Issues

Ensure your Azure SQL Elastic Pool is running without failures. Get immediately notified of any failed activities, outages or excessive resource usage.

Azure SQL Elastic Pool Monitoring

CloudMonix monitors your pre-defined Azure SQL Elastic Pool resource allocation metrics and makes your budget predictable allowing you to seamlessly grow your business at an ever-increasing scale.

  • Track key performance indicators such as DTU, outages, size, storage and visualize any data retrieved from SQL Elastic Pools
  • Monitor the number of active sessions and resource status
  • Get alerted before maximum capacity is being reached
SQL Elastic Pool Monitoring

Azure SQL Elastic Pool Automation

CloudMonix’s automation features for Microsoft Azure SQL Elastic Pools allow you to set up pre-programmed activities that are always at work to ensure your databases are operating at optimal levels.

  • Auto-scale database tiers based on any metrics in the environment, such as DTU, size, storage, etc
  • Automatically scale up and down based on schedule or the actual load
Azure SQL Elastic Pool Automation

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