Azure Scheduler Management

Azure Scheduler is a service that allows to automatically invoke code hosted anywhere in the Azure environment according to a user defined schedule

CloudMonix ensures that Azure Scheduler is working correctly by monitoring for  execution frequency, exceptions, and more.

Setting up Azure Scheduler in CloudMonix takes just a couple of minutes, since the most important metrics and alerts are preconfigured in default templates.

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Popular Ways to Utilize CloudMonix

Failures Monitoring

Receive immediate alerts when a job fails or when a job fault is detected.

Job Statistics

Gain deep insight into individual jobs by tracking the number of executions, execution frequency, last status, and more.

Azure Scheduler Monitoring

CloudMonix tracks detailed information on Azure Scheduler job execution to ensure all tasks complete successfully.

  • Track and alert on failed or faulted jobs
  • For every job see the number of executions, execution frequency, last status, last and next execution time, and more

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