Microsoft Azure Power BI Embedded Capacity

Power BI Environment
Microsoft Azure Power BI Embedded simplifies the use of Power BI capabilities with embedded analytics. It is intended to enable the ability to quickly embed visuals, reports, and dashboards to your apps.

CloudMonix monitors Azure Power BI Embedded Capacity for incidents and provides actionable insights on resource status and important metrics within the environment.

Setting up API monitoring in CloudMonix takes just a couple of minutes, since the most important metrics, alerts and automation are preconfigured in default templates.

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Popular Ways to Utilize CloudMonix

Performance Insights & Visualization

See the overall status of the Azure Power BI Capacity at a glance, or dive deep into details of an individual activity.

Outages / Resource Down Alerts

Track any connectivity issues in your Azure Power BI Capacity, receive automatic alerts on outages and resources down.

Custom Metrics

Use predefined templates or configure conditional metrics to get sophisticated insights into your Power BI performance.

Powerful Integrations

CloudMonix provides built-in support for numerous integrations that can be easily connected via webhooks or existing APIs.

API Endpoints Monitoring

Have the complete overview of your end-to-end business solutions built on top of the Azure Power BI Embedded Capacity and rest assured no issues go unattended.

  • Keep track of the resource readiness status and get immediately notified if any go down
  • track general resource health and Azure Advisor recommendations
  • get insights into the memory used
  • collect query duration and QPU used metrics
  • monitor Azure Power BI Capacity worklloads
Azure Power BI Capacity Monitoring

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