Azure Logic Apps

Logic Apps monitoring
Azure Logic Apps is a cloud service that allows to quickly build powerful integration solutions for apps, data, systems, and services across multiple enterprises and organizations.

CloudMonix collects key metrics, tracks and visualizes key performance indicators and provides deep insights into the overall status of your Azure Logic Apps, triggers and actions. Additionally CloudMonix can immediately notify users whenever it detects failed activities or exceptions and automate predefined tasks on schedule or by condition.

Setting up Azure Logic Apps monitoring in CloudMonix takes just a couple of minutes, since the most important metrics, alerts and automated tasks are preconfigured in default templates.

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Popular Ways to Utilize CloudMonix

Status Visualization

See the overall status of your Azure Logic Apps at a glance, or dive deep into details of an individual activity. Track and visualize run details, recommendations, actions and triggers succeeded and failed.

Failures Detection

Ensure your Azure Logic Apps are running without failures. Get immediately notified about any failed triggers, actions or resource outages for integrations with your apps, data, systems, and services.

Automated Execution

Trigger automatic Azure Logic Apps actions, like start, reset or restart based on the predefined conditions or schedule. Set up pre-programmed activities and ensure consistency across environments.

Azure Logic Apps Monitoring

CloudMonix provides deep insights into the key performance indicators of Azure Logic Apps. Monitored information is presented via visual reports and dashboards. CloudMonix also allows automatic alerts and notifications about the important issues.

  • Monitor successful and failed runs of triggers and actions
  • Get historical data and current statuses
  • Track recommended actions for specified resources
Logic Apps monitoring

Azure Logic Apps Automation

Keep your Azure Logic Apps working optimally by scheduling, automating, and orchestrating tasks, business processes, and workflows for apps, data, system integration, enterprise application integrations, and business-to-business communication.

  • Auto-restart Azure Logic Apps based on predefined conditions
  • Automatically kick-off Azure Logic Apps according to schedule or signal anywhere in the Azure environment
  • Send web requests per condition or schedule and trigger Azure Logic Apps reset automatically
Logic Apps automation

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