Azure DocumentDB Management

Azure DocumentDB is a document database service with multi-region replication. The database is schema-free, data stored in JSON format can be queried using SQL-like query language.

CloudMonix monitors Azure DocumentDB collections by tracking key performance indicators retrieved using Azure Management API or by querying collections directly. Additionally, CloudMonix allows to auto-scale performance tiers according to a user-defined schedule or current load (ie: RUs).

Setting up Azure DocumentDB in CloudMonix takes just a couple of minutes, since the most important metrics, alerts and automation are preconfigured in default templates.

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Popular Ways to Utilize CloudMonix

Performance Insights

Get detailed performance information and optimize your systems. Track key performance indicators such RUs, requests rate, database utilization, and many more.

Availability Monitoring

Get alerts whenever CloudMonix detects an outage or registers unusually long response times. Rest assured that status is determined in a reliable way, by performing actual R/W tests, rather than just pinging the endpoint.


Save on costs by automatically adjusting the DocumentDB tier to current load. Scale up or down according to schedule or based on custom criteria.

Azure DocumentDB Monitoring

CloudMonix keeps track of your most important asset: the database. It tracks and visualizes key DocumentDB database performance indicators, such as request units per second (RUs), utilization, data size, and many more.

  • Monitor availability and response times by performing actual R/W tests against DocumentDB collections
  • Get alerted when RUs or utilization exceed expected levels
  • Monitor any data retrieved using custom SQL-like scripts
  • Track Azure management operations

Azure DocumentDB Automation

CloudMonix allows users to save on costs by automatically changing the tier of the DocumentDB collection.

  • Automatically re-size your DocumentDB collection according to schedule or based on custom criteria

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