Microsoft Azure Automation Management

Microsoft Azure Automation allows users to automate administrative tasks, such as DR failover, reconnection of a gateway, and other complex tasks executed across multiple resources. The processes are automated using Runbooks.

CloudMonix provides comprehensive monitoring for Azure Automation Runbooks and enables automatic execution. The Runbooks can be kicked off in reaction to production issues in the user’s Azure environment.

Setting up Azure Automation in CloudMonix takes just a couple of minutes, as the most important metrics, alerts and automation rules are pre-configured in the provided templates.

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Popular Ways to Utilize CloudMonix

Runbook Monitoring

Track Runbook jobs and get notified of failures or exceptions as soon as they happen.

Automated Execution

Execute Runbooks as a reaction to production outages or other conditions anywhere in the environment.

Azure Automation Monitoring

CloudMonix provides insight into the latest status of all scheduled Runbooks. It notifies users whenever Runbooks fail or any exceptions occur.

  • Monitor overall scheduled Runbook status
  • Get alerted on execution failures
  • Track Runbook execution history and key metrics

Azure Automation Management

Keep your Azure systems working optimally by kicking off important Automation jobs as a response to real-time conditions.

  • Automatically execute Automation Runbooks based on conditions anywhere in your Azure environment

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