What is Azure Visual Studio Application Insights?

Azure Visual Studio Application Insights is a performance monitoring solution by Azure Cloud Platform that enables in capturing, monitoring and analyzing performance and usability data of Azure Web and Mobile Apps.  It is an analytical solution that helps in monitoring, diagnosing and troubleshooting utilization and performance issues on web and mobile apps and services.  Specific custom coding that sends data to Application Insights is usually required.


What is Azure Visual Studio Applications Insights used for?

Azure Visual Studio Application Insights is primarily designed to provide performance and operational data from configured and monitored web and mobile apps or services. Azure Visual Studio Application Insights helps in;

  • Capturing performance and usage analytics for mobile / web applications and websites
  • Diagnose performance issues in live website (CPU, RAM, Storage etc)
  • Usage analytics of websites or webpages from all or selected servers (page views, new and returning users, geolocation, platform etc)
  • Alerts on performance issues, changes
  • Detect and receive alerts on system crashes
  • Logging utilization and processes
  • Monitor web and mobile apps hosted on Azure and third party platforms or on premises.