Azure Virtual Machines Monitoring is referred to the process of monitoring virtual machines hosted on Azure infrastructure for performance and availability.  It is a set of different processes tools and technologies that help cloud administrators in monitoring and controlling their Azure hosted virtual machines infrastructure.  


How Azure Virtual Machines Monitoring is used?


Azure Virtual Machine Monitoring is mainly used by cloud administrators to monitor the underlying cloud infrastructure. It helps them in managing operations across the infrastructure and in;

  • Tracking performance of each virtual machine individually and as in cluster
  • Monitor CPU, RAM and storage utilization
  • Monitor status and availability of each virtual machine
  • Alerts and notifications on events and issues


How can CloudMonix helps in Azure Virtual Machines Monitoring?


CloudMonix extends Azure Virtual Machines Monitoring by providing sophisticated mechanisms to monitor, auto-scale and automate virtual machines hosted on Azure Service Platform. CloudMonix’s agent-less monitoring system provide insight into a wide variety of key performance indicators, logs and more.  

Cloudmonix provides a powerful set of virtual machines monitoring features for Microsoft Azure Cloud Services. With CloudMonix’s Virtual Machine Monitoring Software, virtualization and cloud administrators can;

  • Track performance of each virtual machine across a number of different KPI’s.
  • Record valuable information from event logs
  • Monitor all system processes of a virtual machine
  • Instrument simple to complex virtual machine recovery procedures