Azure Virtual Machines Management is the process of monitoring and managing the operations and processes on virtual machines – hosted on the Azure Cloud Service Platform. Azure Virtual Machines Management provides virtualization / cloud administrators with options to deploy, monitor, and build their Azure environments. Azure Virtual Machines Management is usually enabled through a set of tools, technologies and processes – all working together for managing Azure Virtual Machines infrastructure.


How Azure Virtual Machines Management is used?

Azure Virtual Machines Management primarily enables in ensuring availability, performance and holistic management of Windows / Linux virtual machines hosted on Azure Cloud Service Platform. Azure Virtual Machines Management helps cloud administrators in;


  • Utilization and Scaling – Monitor virtual machine infrastructure utilization and scale when needed.
  • Resource Management – Manage the allocation of infrastructure resources to virtual machines.
  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance – Resolving technical and performance issues, virtual machine recovery, updates and more.


How CloudMonix can help in Azure Virtual Machines Management?


CloudMonix deliver end to end Azure Virtual Machines Management through its sophisticated mechanisms that monitor, manage, scale and automate Azure VMs. Our Azure Virtual Machine Management solution, hooks into Azure Diagnostics or utilizes a light-weight self-updating agent to provide insight into a wide variety of key performance indicators, logs and more.  

CloudMonix allows users to automate numerous recovery procedures through its integration with Azure Management API and Azure Automation.

CloudMonix's Azure Virtual Machines Management Software enable Azure Virtualization and Cloud Administrators to;

  • Provide deep down virtual machine performance insight via dashboards and charts.
  • Track performance counters and record valuable information from event logs
  • Monitor entire system processes across your virtual machine infrastructure.
  • Automatic execution of PowerShell commands and scalability of servers and more.