What is Azure Traffic Manager?

Azure Traffic Manager is a load balancing solution provided by Azure Cloud Services Platform that enables in controlling and load balancing the flow of traffic to specific endpoints. These endpoints include any resource from the Azure Cloud Services platform including virtual machines, websites and databases.


How is Azure Traffic Manager used?

Azure Traffic Manager is used to provide network traffic load balancing and management service in cloud based environments. Azure Traffic Manager primarily helps in;

Ensure Availability & Reduce Downtime –  Azure Traffic Manager provides automatic failover capabilities for Azure Cloud Service, Azure Website and other configured endpoints.

Improve Applications Responsiveness –  Azure Traffic Manager improve the responsiveness of  applications by directing end-users to the endpoint with the lowest network latency.

Upgrade / Maintain without downtime –  Azure Traffic Manager enables in pausing endpoints automatically when there is no activity- giving room for developers / IT Administrators to update and test the endpoint without downtime.

Distribute Traffic  – With the nested profiles in Azure Traffic Manager profiles, traffic can be distributed across multiple data centers or Azure endpoints.