Azure Service Bus is a cloud-based messaging system that can connect applications, services and devices. It can help connect applications that are hosted on Azure, on premises or both. Azure Service Bus is a multi-tenant cloud service that is shared by multiple users. Users define namespaces that are used to create and manage connectivity and communication between application, services and devices.


What is Azure Service Bus used for?

  • Used to connect applications and services within an Azure environment
  • Build cloud solutions that interact with each other
  • Distribute messages in between multiple independent backend nodes
  • Connect on premises application to the cloud


What to monitor and automate in Azure Service Bus?

  • Monitor queue depths
  • Monitor topic subscription depths
  • Monitor for dead-letter messages
  • Monitor for message age and contents


How CloudMonix helps with Azure Service Bus Monitoring?

CloudMonix can help visualize and monitor various aspects of Azure Service Bus Queues, Topics Subscriptions and Event Hubs.  Additionally, CloudMonix can trigger alerts, scaling actions and self-healing actions based on various conditions occurring within Azure Service Bus infrastructure.


  • Get notified when messages are not processing
  • Keep up with Event Hubs key performance indicators
  • Check for dead-letters
  • Detect any outages