What is Azure Networking?

Azure Networking is referred to the collective Azure based network solutions and services provided by Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Platform.

Azure Networking solutions portfolio includes:

  • Azure virtual network create private network or connect on premises networks
  • Azure load balancer – availability and network performance services
  • Azure Express Route – dedicated network fiber connection to Azure
  • Azure Traffic Manager – routing and managing incoming traffic
  • Azure DNS – Host domain name in Azure
  • Azure VPN Gateway – establish secure connectivity between premises
  • Azure Application Gateway – deliver scalable websites and online services


What is Azure Networking used for?

Azure networking is used to deliver a comprehensive network delivery, monitoring and management solutions for delivering a cloud based hybrid ( for connecting local and cloud networks).  By using Azure Networking solutions, an enterprise can deliver;

  • A complete cloud based virtual network that can connect cloud and on premises networks
  • Gateways for delivering applications, services and VPN
  • Network load balancing and routing solutions
  • Creating, deploying and managing websites