Building a cloud strategy is an important part of any organization which plans to emerge as a digitally transformed enterprise. The transformation isn’t a big deal, but still, some companies find it difficult to migrate the critical parts of the infrastructure. Poor analysis of the company’s environment and complex relation between data, application, and workload are the major challenges which a company faces. The migration always requires complete information about the company and the needs of an organization as this data determines whether you need to shift the entire data at once or need significant rework before migration.  Azure Migrate is highly useful service to migrate data into the cloud due to the deep insight and mechanism it provides during the migration to Azure.

Benefits of Azure Migrate

The best of Azure Migrate is its minimal impact on the overall business and maximum return on investment without affecting performance and reliability. The intelligent rightsizing to Azure virtual machine and integration with Azure Database Management Service for discovery and migration are some noteworthy perks of Azure Migrate. Complete compatibility reporting and guidance for remediating potential issues make the migration trouble-free while the inbuilt dependency mapping of multi-tier application never disturbs the overall performance.