Azure Cloud Services Management is referred to processes that enable in managing entire cloud operations and assets on Azure Cloud Service Platform. Azure Cloud Service Management helps cloud administrators in managing and controlling end to end Azure Cloud hosted and sourced IT assets and services.


How Azure Cloud Service Management is used?

Azure Cloud Service Management primarily provides means to manage and control Azure Cloud Service operations and performance at a granular level. It is delivered through a combination of Azure Cloud Service Management tools, technologies and processes. Azure Cloud Service Management generally provides;

  • Management and control over all cloud services and assets.
  • Control access to applications and services and implement mechanism to track all event logs
  • Define, implement and monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Windows Application and System Event logs
  • Ensure redundancy, backup and recovery for cloud resources and services


How CloudMonix helps in Azure Cloud Service Management?

CloudMonix enhances management of production environments for IT professionals by providing deep and immediate insight into stability of complex software systems. It provides rich cloud monitoring features like live dashboards, fully customizable and meaningful alerts, immediate notifications and much more.

CloudMonix's Azure Cloud Service Mnagament Software helps Cloud Administrators in;

  • Auto-Scalability – Scale in real-time and add extra servers automatically as demand increases and drop them when it decreases.
  • Crash Recovery – Auto restart of crashed processes.
  • Recycle Application Pools – Auto detect and trigger recycling of app pools when IIS web applications misbehave.
  • Handle Memory Leaks – Ensure there is enough resources available for your most important cloud processes. Automatically reboot your role instances when memory is low.
  • End to end Management – CloudMonix management features spans across all Azure Cloud Service resources and applications.