What is Azure API Management?

Azure API Management is a reliable, secure and scalable way to publish, consume and manage API’s running on Microsoft Azure platform.  Azure API Management provides all essential tools required for an end-to-end management of API’s.  It ensures optimal performance of the API’s, tracks and enforces usage, authentication, and more.


How is Azure API Management used?

Azure API Management is primarily used to provide a central interface to create, provision and manage API for web and cloud applications and services.  With Azure API Management user can;  

  • Monitor the health of APIs, identifying errors, configure throttling, rate limits and more on each API.
  • Provides insight into the utilization of APIs
  • Creating and managing user roles and defining end to end API usage policies
  • Provides a central interface to consolidate and manage thousands of API’s across multiple platforms.
  • Provide an authentication and access control mechanism to manage and ensure security on API access and utilization