What are Azure API Apps?

Azure API Apps provide a platform that enables creating, hosting and using API‘s for cloud and on premises infrastructure. It enables in creating and app that can provide API based application / software accessibility, connectivity for SaaS / hybrid cloud environments and a central API management platform.


How Azure API Apps are used?

Azure API Apps are primarily designed for software developers and vendors / publishers to provide them with means to create, deliver, use and manage RESTFul Web API’s for their software / apps. Azure API Apps can be used to provide;

  • SaaS connectivity – provide SaaS publishers the ability to publish and consume their own set of API calls
  • Integration with other Azure App services such as Azure Logic Apps, Web Apps and Mobile Apps
  • Automate and manage the process of creating, versioning, deploying and managing API’s
  • Create API’s in any language (.NET, Java, Python etc)
  • Automating generation of software development kits (SDK) in different languages ( C#, Java, Java Script etc)