Azure Website/WebApp is referred to the cloud computing infrastructure provided by Microsoft Azure to deploy, host and deliver web apps, mobile apps and websites. It is a set of technologies and solutions offered by Azure that enables in creating and hosting scalable web applications and websites in the Azure platform. It supports several technologies including .nt, java and python for creating websites and web apps.


How are Azure Web Apps used?

Azure Web Apps service is primarily used to create;

  • Websites
  • Web applications
  • Mobile Apps
  • Logic Apps
  • API Apps

Besides this, Azure Web Apps also provide a API management, notifications and mobile engagement platform.


What to monitor and automate in Azure Web Apps

Some of the ways to monitor and automate monitoring and operational tasks in Azure Web Apps are;

  • Monitoring HTTP WebRequests
  • Average response time of web or mobile apps
  • CPU and Memory utilization
  • Automate the scaling of compute infrastructure.
  • Auto restart, recover and kick off Azure Webapps and Webjobs.


How CloudMonix can help in monitoring Azure Web Apps?

CloudMonix extends Azure Web Apps by providing comprehensive monitoring, sophisticated auto-scaling, automated recovery and customizable rule-based Web Job execution services. CloudMonix provides immediate insight into key metrics of Azure Webapps and Webjobs.  It allows to easily setup alerts with simple or complex criteria.

CloudMonix also ensures that your Azure Websites applications work optimally by auto-scaling number of workers, automatically recovering under – performing Websites and kicking-off Webjobs when needed

Give your team a Free Account from CloudMonix and see how it delivers value and automates their common and frequent Azure Web Apps Monitoring and Automation tasks.