Azure Cloud Services are a collection of cloud-hosted IT services that enables creating, deploying and managing cloud-based enterprise applications, infrastructure, and services. It provides a suite of IT Infrastructure services to create, deploy and host simple to complex applications and API services on Microsoft managed scalable Azure cloud infrastructure.

How are Azure Cloud Services used?

The extent to which Azure Cloud Services can be used and the features it provides is exhaustive. Azure Cloud Services are commonly used to;

  • Deploy applications and API that can have anywhere from a single compute instance to thousands of instances on top of an auto-scalable infrastructure.
  • Build applications using an integrated development environment (IDE) with native support for Visual Studio Azure SDK, Java, PHP, Python and more.
  • Deliver a fully managed and fault tolerant hardware/server infrastructure for web and cloud applications
  • Provides a staging environment for testing the application before deploying it into the production environment.

What to monitor in Azure Cloud Services for performance?

There can be dozens of metrics that must be measured on Azure Cloud Services to ensure top performance. However, some of the key performance metrics for Azure Cloud Services are;

  • CPU Utilization and Availability ( capacity)
  • Data In / Out
  • Memory Utilization and Availability (capacity)
  • Disk Utilization and Availability (capacity)
  • Application level performance / utilization metrics.

How can CloudMonix help in Azure Cloud Service Monitoring?

CloudMonix extends Azure Cloud Services Monitoring by providing highly sophisticated and comprehensive monitoring, auto-scaling and automation options and allows users to remain in full control of their production deployments. CloudMonix can track thousands of unique signals for alerting, scaling or automation actions by connecting to Azure Diagnostics or through its light-weight self-updating agent software.

Give your team a Free Account from CloudMonix and see how it delivers value and automates their common and frequent Azure Monitoring tasks.