Azure BizTalk Services are cloud-based integration service that provides Business-to-Business (B2B) and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) capabilities for cloud and hybrid integration solutions. Azure BizTalk Services is primarily an Integration Platform as a Service, fully managed by Microsoft, which delivers robust and scalable integration capabilities for IT Environments. It enables in integrating and connecting on premises and cloud based IT environments and infrastructures.


How are Azure BizTalk Services used?


  • Ability to connect cloud to on premises applications and services including SAP, Oracle, SQL Server and more.
  • Utilize multiple ways to connect and integrate such as HTTP, FTP, SFTP and REST.
  • Route messages using Service Bus Queues, Topics, SQL and Blob store.
  • Enables in connecting Azure Websites or Azure Mobile Services to any on-premises TCP or HTTP resource—such as Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, or any web service.


What to Monitor in Azure BizTalk Services?


Some of the key metrics to monitor and ensure performance within Azure BizTalk Services are;

  • Latency – The overall time it takes to process a message or request
  • Failures – Messages that were failed when pulling from source or those that were failed while processing
  • CPU Utilization – The average processor utilization by each instance
  • Messages – The number of messages that were received, processed, sent and is in process.