612, 2018

Analyze time series with Azure Data Explorer

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This blog post describes the basics of time series analysis in Azure Data Explorer.

Azure Data Explorer (ADX) is a service designed for fast data exploration. It provides instant insights into large datasets to analyze performance, identify trends and anomalies, and troubleshoot problems.

The collection of telemetry data is performed from cloud services or IoT devices. The analysis can be performed […]

2611, 2018

Azure IaaS Apps Disaster Recovery

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Recently Azure offered native Disaster Recovery for applications running on IaaS being the first public cloud to offer such a service. This service makes applications region-level resilient to failures via replicating VMs into other regions. Azure Availability Zones and Availability Sets add to Azure Site Recovery to complete resiliency for applications running on Azure VMs.


Advantages […]

2008, 2018

Profiling Slow MySQL Queries In Azure With EXPLAIN

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Azure Database for MySQL is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution that Microsoft offers on Azure. Using Azure managed services for MySQL enables one to easily build an intelligent and secure application.

It often happens that a simple query can become a bottleneck impacting the entire database performance. MySQL integrates a very useful tool – the EXPLAIN […]

1508, 2018

General Availability of Azure Event Grid

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Modern applications put the flexibility of the cloud to a good use by getting themselves distant from the monolithic architectures by means of a set of distinct services, all working together. This includes two kinds of services i.e. foundational services offered by a cloud platform such as Azure and application-specific services.

Event-driven execution has secured its […]

1408, 2018

Azure Data Lake Storage in Storage Explorer

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The public preview of the Azure Data Lake Storage has been announced. It provides a rich GUI for the Azure Data Lake Storage and has also been the top customer’s priority for a really long time as well. Now the official public preview supports Azure Data Lake Storage (ADLS) in the Azure Storage Explorer (ASE). Upon […]

1408, 2018

How to develop Go Apps for Azure with the Go SDK

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The latest Azure SDK for Go will help the Azure developers to develop applications for Azure with Go. The SDK features connecting the data sources like Cosmos DB and Azure Storage, deploying Azure resources programmatically, authenticating users, and much more. 

Why use Go? In today’s digitally transformed world, developer and software efficiency have a major impact on […]

1008, 2018

Insight Into Azure Redis Cache Geo-Replication

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Recovering the data can be really difficult especially when there are no software tools to do so. Redis Cache provides several Azure services that allow the manufacturers and IT professionals to build seamless recovery plans with the geo-replication support.

One might be thinking, what is Redis Cache after all, right? It is a Microsoft Azure’s Cache-as-a-service […]

1008, 2018

Azure Cognitive Services: Custom Speech As An Innovative Machine Learning Approach For Speech Recognition

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The latest and newest crossing point driving ambiance is the Voice. The speech recognition has been really helpful in the last few years as it is becoming our daily life digital assistant. We use it daily writing emails and other necessary documents. Apart from this, it also helps in dictating the transcriptions of the lectures and […]

3007, 2018

Azure serverless for your IoT

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Chances are those developing an IoT-based solution focus mainly on the devices and what is possible to accomplish with them. They might want to process data coming from a network of devices in real time, analyze the data to gain insights, get alerted for special conditions, manage the devices themselves, and so on. The less interesting part […]

1407, 2018

What are Web and Worker Roles in Microsoft Azure?

By |July 14th, 2018|Azure Glossary, Cloud Platforms, Microsoft Azure|3 Comments

Before delving into the difference between a Web Role and a Worker Role in Azure Cloud Services, let’s first review what are Azure Cloud Services and Cloud Service Roles.
Table of Contents

What are Azure Cloud Services?
What is an Azure Cloud Service Role?
What is a Web Role?
What is a Worker Role?
Differences […]