Effective immediately, CloudMonix users can now monitor their Azure infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS) Windows Virtual Machines without provisioning special agent software.

CloudMonix was recently enhanced to offer a “white-glove” approach to instrumenting Azure Diagnostics extension on Windows VMs.  After stepping thru short Setup Wizard or configuring a new VM via “Add New” button from the dashboard, CloudMonix will do the heavy lifting and automagically deploy a pre-configured Azure Diagnostics extension.

Special notes about this functionality

  • CloudMonix will issue UpdateRole API call to Azure Management API in order to deploy Diagnostics Extension.  This may temporarily yank non-load balanced VMs in and out of Azure’s load balancer.
  • CloudMonix will override any existing Diagnostics Extension configuration on the VM with its own.  It is setup to only capture performance counters and Windows event logs at this time.
  • CloudMonix agent is still the recommended approach when
    • monitoring of Windows Services or Processes is required
    • execution of PowerShell scripts is needed for self-healing functionality

Azure VM Diagnostics Extension