After 4 years of success with AzureWatch, we tasked ourselves with a new ambitious goal: to help IT professionals /automatically/ recover from problems in their production environments.

With this goal in mind, CloudMonix is ready to be unveiled. Simply put, CloudMonix brings an extra level of stability to production systems by detecting and automatically fixing issues.

According to our estimates, over 75% of IT support and recovery operations performed by humans could be automated – if only machines knew when to step in. CloudMonix provides the missing link: the knowledge when something breaks and the ability to automatically recover from the problem. It does this, by gathering health, performance and other signals from the monitored environment, visualizing relevant data with beautiful dashboards and issuing a variety of highly custom recovery commands when problems are detected.

Today, CloudMonix extends monitoring, automation and auto-scaling to most popular products within Windows and Microsoft Azure platforms. In the near future, we plan to very aggressively extend support to other cloud environments and operating systems.

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