DNS Server is an essential component when it comes to inter connecting networks. Its importance is also critical in cloud based networks. So its value stands for Azure Cloud and more specifically for Azure Virtual Network. DNS Server within an Azure Virtual Network enables in name resolution and interconnecting of virtual machines.

In this article, we will provide a simple process to create DNS Server in an Azure Virtual Network.

  1. First add a DNS to your virtual network. Access the management portal and go in the section NETWORKS > {Your Network Name} > CONFIGURE > DNS servers. Add the name and an IP to it.
  2. Now, deploy a new VM inside the Virtual Network and configure it's IP to the same IP you have defined inside the portal. You can easily do it through PowerShell.
  3. Configure your DNS server with the details for the VMs and set the forwarders if you want to be able to resolve names outside the virtual network.
  4. You can now reboot your virtual machines to get the new configuration through DHCP.