Ability to receive immediate notifications about issues with production deployments is critical for engineers on the go. With CloudMonix, devops and support personnel can stay connected to their environments by receiving alerts and notifications not only thru email, but also via SMS. In order to achieve this, we’ve partnered up with Twilio, a leading cloud-communication company that allows developers to programmatically send and receive text messages.

Because we allow users to integrate their Twilio accounts in CloudMonix, users are not upcharged on text messages.

Enabling SMS notifications is simple:

  • Open a Twillio account. Their paid plans are very affordable.
  • Take a note of your Twillio number, Account SID and Auth Token
  • Twillio Account Settings

    Twillio Account Settings

  • In CloudMonix, navigate to Integrations screen under Account Settings section
  • Edit Twillio integration entry, add your Account SID and Auth Token as a Twillio Credential.
  • Provide Twillio’s number and head to Test tab where you can test the integration by having CloudMonix text a test message to a mobile number of your choice
  • Ensure that Enabled checkbox is checked
  • CloudMonix Twillio Setup

    CloudMonix Twillio Setup

  • Your CloudMonix account is now enabled for SMS notifications!

Now, every user in your organization who wishes to receive text messages in addition to, or instead of email alerts, should tell CloudMonix what kind of alerts should go thru Twilio

  • Open User Profile screen under User Settings section and provide a valid Alert SMS number
  • Open Notification Policies screen under Account Settings section and add one or more entries that would allow for alerts within the whole account, or under particular resource groups or categories to be sent to provided┬ámobile number
  • Minimum severity can help filter out noise from non-important alerts with low severities
  • CloudMonix Notification Settings

    CloudMonix Notification Settings